Everything you’d want from a great coach

Personal Training Glasgow Results

I approached Kevin for personal training because I wanted to increase my fitness and lose weight. Kevin provides an excellent balance of motivation, understanding and challenge. Kevin took the time to listen and understand my personal challenges and issues and develop a programme around that. I really like that there is no where to hide with Kevin and his clear expectation that you will put the work in. Every session seems to have some sort of progression and enough variety to make it fun. Relentlessly positive I always leave a session with Kevin on a high, even on my grumpiest days. I sometimes think Kevin knows me better than I do. He can get me to do things I didn’t think were possible. He can tell me things about me I didn’t know and uses his insights to motivate and challenge me. I like that Kevin is direct and doesn’t hold back in telling me when I need to up my game and questioning me about what gets in the way of progress . I have no doubt that without my weekly session with Kevin I wouldn’t have had the success that I have. This year I’ve lost 6 stone and gone from a size 22 to a size 14 and Kevin is as excited by my progress as I am.

Kevin’s knowledge enthusiasm and commitment are everything you’d want from a great coach. Each week he tailors a programme to my specific goals and available time. I have a chaotic life which means it’s not always easy to get the training done. Kevin accommodates this but also pushes me to make progress. Kevin modified my training when I’ve had health issues and injuries, including recovery from an operation in the summer. I love Kevin’s commitment to maintaining and building on his knowledge and expertise. This year I have focused on my running after some downtime I had struggled to complete a 5k and wanted to build back up to 10k. I managed to complete my first 10k in April in just under 90mins. Since then I have complete two more, improving my PB each time. I am now on track for sub 1hr which is amazing. My form has improved, I am running faster than I ever have and my endurance has improved so much that I am now focused on a marathon and half marathon for next year. I would never have thought possible without Kevin’s coaching and encouragement.