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Kevin Henderson | Personal Training

I’m an online personal trainer ready to take your training to the next level with online personal training built around your schedule. We deliver custom, bespoke personal fitness training & nutrition plans. Our sessions are conducted online and progress is tracked using our state of the art app. Don’t have your own home gym equipment? We deliver plans and exercises you do using basic everyday items in your home.

Online Training Plan

Each personal training plan is designed around your schedule, your fitness goals and your exercise habits. Many online personal trainers offer mobile visits or a “one size fits all” training plan. Our service is perfectly suited to you as an individual. There are weekly consultations and reviews of your development. Progress is logged during our fully functional mobile app, meaning programs can evolve and adapt as you progress through our training.



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Free Initial Consultation
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Unlimited Support Via Email or Phone
Experienced Personal Training
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Flexible Sessions To Fit Your Schedule

Customised Plan

A personally customised and periodised strength and conditioning or weight loss to suit your training style and goals.

Weekly Analysis

Weekly analysis of breakthrough workout heart rate, power and pace. An understanding of your week's performance.

Full Support

Regular communications as agreed by telephone and email with individually-tailored, flexible training which adapts in case of injury or life events that may come along.

E-mail: Call: 07786 010 912

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Get in touch for a chat about your fitness goals, any challenges you have in mind and your experience to date.

Kevin is completely dependable and reliable. He encourages and challenges me and I know that I have achieved a far higher level of fitness working with him than I would ever achieve on my own.

Anne McGreggor

Kevin is the main man when it comes to fitness and getting the recovery right. If you are prepared to work hard with Kevin you will see the results.

Barry Cook

Kevin provides an excellent balance of motivation, understanding and challenge. I have no doubt that without my weekly session with Kevin I wouldn’t have had the success that I have. This year I’ve lost 6 stone and gone from a size 22 to a size 14 and Kevin is as excited by my progress as I am.


Kevin is an expert in his field training people on different levels from the athletically elite to people who have never known how to exercise, like me. I would highly recommend him if you wish to turn your life around. He’s the go-to guy in personal training.

Fiozia Rafiq

I lost 1½ stone within six months and my weight has remained stable since, farewell to yo yo dieting. I wish I had approached a personal trainer like Kevin years ago! Worth every penny.

Iain M. Rae

I lost 1½ stone within six months and my weight has remained stable since, farewell to yo yo dieting. I wish I had approached a personal trainer like Kevin years ago! Worth every penny.

Louise Arrol

I have worked with other personal trainers in Glasgow before but find that working with Kevin is undoubtedly the most effective training that I have done yet. I would not hesitate in recommending Kevin as his personal training skills are outstanding

Nicola Naven

I find Kevin innovative, inspirational and very encouraging in his approach to training. He certainly thinks outside the box in the techniques he uses. Kevin reckons age is just a number and being one of his older clients I agree.

Sandra Pairman