Kevin delivers results

I initially trained with Kevin 5 years ago during which time he helped me achieve the best shape of my life, both in terms of physique and running performance. Then life took over – I travelled abroad, had a baby – and as a result fell away from personal training and exercise altogether. Now nearing my 40′s, I thought it was time to enlist Kevin’s help to get fit and healthy once again.

I’ve been to a few personal trainers in the past and I personally feel that Kevin is unique. Not only does he have decades of knowledge and experience, but he is also a life-long athlete with a natural passion and enthusiasm for what he does. This is perfectly balanced with the fact that Kevin is a down-to-earth guy who makes you feel at ease quickly, and offers the right level of encouragement and prodding to help you achieve what you thought was impossible. I would thoroughly recommend Kevin to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer who delivers results.

Hari Farzin