Kevin is the main man for fitness

Barry Cook

After thinking long and hard about taking on the biggest physical challenge of my life (and starting at a 0 in the fitness stakes), I decided to take on the mighty Arch 2 Arc challenge in Aug 2016. This would see a friend and I consecutively take on 3 days running (87 miles) a day rowing across the English Channel (25 miles) and 2 days cycling from Calais to Paris (181 miles) The logistical side of the challenge was one thing; the biggest challenge was getting into shape!

Fortunately I was introduced to Kevin through a recommendation and a year’s long training programme was devised. Very quickly I could feel the benefits of Kevin’s sessions and my fitness levels began to improve significantly. As part of the training, we also built in 2 marathons – London and Edinburgh along with various long distance cycle challenges and Kevin applied training schedules, not only to get through these comfortably – but also with the bigger picture of Arch 2 Arc in mind and we replicated the challenge with mini versions in a number of training blocks.

I successfully completed the 6 day challenge in Sep and could not have done this without Kevin’s guidance and support – he is the main man when it comes to fitness and getting the recovery right and was always there to discuss programmes and provide encouragement. Preparing for one discipline would be challenging enough but preparing was 3 was a different story altogether. I had never cycled more than 10 miles and had never been on a rowing machine never mind a boat.

I can say without any doubt that I could never have completed this challenge without Kevin’s professionalism and knowledge. If you are prepared to work hard with Kevin you will see the results.

PS – to date, my friend and I have raised £90,000 for charity through doing the challenge. That was the importance of getting through it and the results of the training only back this up! Kevin – thanks for everything!

Barry Cook